Traditional signwriting gorgeousness *swoon*

We came across this short film telling the story of how a traditional signwriter/glass craftsman/designer was discovered by a famous American musician and asked to create album art. The film shows the gentle David A. Smith creating several pieces Рthe beauty of his work and craftsmanship is breathtaking.

Hand painted advertising in Nepal

In November last year, the family and I went on an adventure to Nepal – a beautiful country with charming and hospitable people. Almost immediately. while on the taxi ride from the airport to our friend’s house in Kathmandu, I noticed that the billboards and the advertising on the side of buildings looked just a little bit different. It took a while to be sure (couldn’t quite believe it) but most of it was handpainted; something that you almost never see in Australia unless it’s very old. Some of it was obviously hand rendered but much of it was so beautifully executed – typography, logos and even photography – that it was hard to pick at first.

In fact much (if not most) of the signage and typography in Nepal is hand painted, from hotel room numbers to warning signs on the back of buses to regular vehicle number plates. We were told that hand painted number plates are being phased out, which I think is terribly sad. We found the warning signs on the buses hilarious with their quaint English, dramatic proportions and accompanying flowers. But what a beautiful way to remind people to obey the road rules!

So I was completely enchanted and tried to document it, much to the bemusement of our Nepalese friends. Taking photos wasn’t always easy as we were often bumping along in the back of a packed bus or local transport or motorbike, so when they’re blurry or there’s a car in the way – just imagine the sounds and smells of gorgeous, crazy Nepal.