The #lovefootscray design project was one dear to our hearts as Footscray locals. In this video, Liana discusses the motivations behind the design of the hashtag branding, against the backdrop of visual imagery from the area.

It’s a unique challenge to design the visual identity of a hashtag. You’re not selling a product or a service, you’re trying to inspire people to USE a hashtag. So our motivations were around getting people to feel a sense of love and pride in #lovefootscray as a concept. And not just any people but Footscray locals. Arguably the toughest critics of all! It was their passion for the culture of Footscray and pride in the area we wanted to reach, and motivate them to sing Footscray’s praises with a hashtag. A hashtag that would collate all these diverse social media posts into a rich catalog of experience.